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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Character Creation for B&B

Characteristics will be the standard six for Traveller, plus one: Sensitivity

Sensitivity (Sen): The character’s connection to the mystic and esoteric forces of the world.  This is particularly useful to those who wield Magic and also to those who must resist the effects of magic.

This can also be used if you are cross-pollinating your world into the larger universe of your Traveller campaign and just call it a different type of Psionics.

I'll be using a variation on the rules for magic as presented in Flynn's Guide to Magic in Traveller, and probably some of the spells from it as well.

. . .   Characteristics will be rolled on a straight 2d6 in order basis, but with the caveat that the player may swap out any two values before continuing on to background.

I've simplified background for this purpose as shown here. . .

The table below is rather generic, so as not to be specific to any one setting.  The referee may provide you with an alternative table, or tell you what areas in his world fit the descriptions below.

The default method of determining background is to roll randomly, after all, who gets to choose the circumstances of their birth?  However, check with your referee, as he may allow you to choose if you so desire.   All characters in the basic rules are assumed to be human, and non-human adventurers will be dealt with in a supplemental release.

Your character gets to choose a number of background skills at rank zero, equal to 3, modified by his Education Modifier, with a minimum of 1 background skill.  The skill listed in Bold must be taken. 

Birthplace and Cultural Background
1d6    Birthplace                                          Background Skills
1        Hardscrabble (desert, wastelands)    Survival, Athletics (any), Navigation, Recon, Melee (any)
2-3     Rural Temperate                               Animals (any), Survival, Navigation, Recon, Stealth
4        Rural Tropical                                   Survival, Animals (any), Navigation, Athletics (any), Stealth
5-6    Urban                                                 Streetwise, Persuade, Scholar, Admin, Language (any)
(I couldn't figure out how to make a proper table :D)

All characters begin knowing their native language at Rank 1 +/- Edu Modifier (minimum 0)

Career choices begin at age 9, when the character is first placed into apprenticeship training.
All careers age the character four years, unless a mishap causes early dismissal from the career.  If a mishap occurs that results in the character being removed from the career, roll 1d3, this is the number of years that were completed before the mishap occurred, and affects the character’s age.

Your referee may place a limit on how many terms the character may complete before beginning play.  Be sure to ask him about this.   Characters over the age of 30 must make an ageing roll each term.

. . . .

I also finished my tables for Injuries (copied from Mongoose Traveller Rules), as well as my version of the Life Events table and the Personal Disaster table that is referenced in the career descriptions.

I'll be making a few changes to what's in the already uploaded career sets, mostly to a small handful of skills (changing Archery to Ranged to allow for guns IF the referee wants them, replacing any references to Craft skill with the Trade skill, mostly)

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