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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello World . . .

I've been floating around in blogspace for quite some time, enjoying myself by reading the blogs of others out there, most of the blogs I've found and followed so far have been PnP gaming related and mostly OSR (Old School Revival or Renaissance) specific.

I've been inspired by much of what I've seen on the blogs to the extent that I thought I would create this blog as a spot to record work I'm doing on my new campaign setting and the Mongoose Traveller Fantasy rules port that I'm working on, thanks to the inspiration of docgrognard at Crawdads & Dragons and his Adventurer Traveller based fantasy.

I'll post maps and the like as I do them, and some background information about the setting.

WARNING!  If you are one of my regular players, be careful what you read.  I'll try to minimize the spoiler information as much as possible.

For the moment, I'll move along and come back later.

I've got my version of the Warrior, Champion (paladin) and Knight done up for B&B, I'll create PDF's some time this weekend and try to figure out how to share them with anyone who wants to read this.

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