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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I think I have decided upon my next game setting

 This came to me a short while ago.  A few years back I ran an alternate History Pulp 1936 setting and lots of fun was had by everyone (ran it using d20 Modern right after it came out).  I've thought about dusting that setting off a couple of times, but have not done it.  I think I am going to take the same basic idea, with a fantasy world and drop a major hammer on it.  This will not actually be Post-Apocalyptic Pulp, but will be a Dark Fantasy style Pulp setting, with plenty of opportunity for Exploration, fighting bad guys, Horrors from the Darkness, etc.   

And I think I will use Dragon Age to run it.

The world is Earth, not our Earth but one of the myriad Earths that exist in the Multiverse.  On this Earth, the current year is 1936 and the world is recovering from a great disaster.   In 1925, Anton Drexler, the leader of the Thule Society and his followers, attempting to summon forth the power of Ancient gods, accidentally caused the moon to be shattered into several thousand ‘moonlets’, wreaking havoc upon the Earth, causing a millions of deaths from the resultant earthquakes, freakish weather and tsunamis that followed.
One of the things that came about from the Shattering is that magic has taken a stronger hold upon the Earth than it has held in centuries.  Dark things from legend once again walk the lands and the dark spaces away from civilization, as well as some of the dark and forgotten places within the ‘civilized’ cities are filled with malevolent evil and there are rumors of portals that lead to fantastic worlds and vast, underground lairs, filled with the creatures of legend and the glittering treasures of ancient times.

A small continent, known as Tharos, has appeared in the Atlantean Ocean, possibly a fragment of Lost Atlan itself.  A few expeditions have been formed to explore the mysteries of the island.
Many of the nations of Earth have fallen since the Shattering, but a number of new ones have arisen to take their place.  

The Compass of Light is a group that has existed for centuries, fighting the encroaching Darkness in many different eras and in many different ways.  Over the past decade, under the guise of the Explorers Society, the Compass of Light has been in the headlines around the world, as it helps those in need and explores the portals as they are discovered.  

You are one of the adventurous souls who have applied to join the Explorers Society and the Compass of Light, whether it be to aid those in need, to fight against the Darkness or out of a desire for Fortune and Glory.  The future is here, and you want to help forge it.

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