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Monday, December 13, 2010


I've posted my revised career sheet for Men of Arms.   I took and made a couple of minor changes from the way Mongoose does their careers, in that I have four skills available through rank benefits, where most if not all of theirs have three (I originally had an additional skill for each rank and decided this was too much).

I also took under events and added a result that says (something like) Roll on appropriate Specialty event table.

This will allow me to more easily create specific events for each specialty without adding too much to the page count since I'll be printing these at home and making booklets to hand out to my players.   I may actually make them each box sets if I can put together a decent looking handmade box.

Inspirations. . . a number of the events in the specialty specific events are lifted directly from or at least directly inspired by the PC Events series of posts that have been made over at Beyond the Black Gate by Al, and I hope he won't mind my using them (I'm sending him a link to this post).

Some of them are inspired by my battered old copy of Central Casting - Heroes of Legend by Paul Jaquays.

I'll be following Men of Arms with the careers of Spellcaster, Holy Men, and Rogues (may have to think of a new name for rogue, but I'll deal with that later).

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