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Monday, December 20, 2010

Using Well-Known Settings

I often avoid using commercial settings for my games, unless I take a serious hammer to them.

I refuse to run a game set in JRRT's Middle Earth, for instance, because my players know the source material way better than I (I read the books one time in elementary school, which was back in the late sixties :) )

I've wanted to do a Star Wars type game (actually, any space opera, but there are things I like about SW, especially if I stop with the first movie [Ep IV]).    I have never played the old WEG star wars, but I've heard good things about it, and I've got MiniSix.  I created pregens and ran one session of the WOTC Star Wars (the last one, that was sort of a precursor to fourth edition), but the system didn't click with my group or myself, as I recall.

Anyway. . . When I was thinking about running Star Wars, my idea was to take the events of Episode IV and mess around with them a bit, to make a darker setting. . .

To start with, the Empire would be more of a large, bureaucratic entity, with the Emperor not being necessarily 'evil' (definitely not a Sith Lord), and more just uncaring of anything beyond keeping things working smoothly, regardless of the cost and possibly even a bit of a puppet of the military and industrial leaders of the Galaxy.

The 'rebellion' has failed. It's not completely gone away, as it provides a nice element to use.  But news reports tell of how the planet of Aldaraan was destroyed when the Terrorist activist Leia Organa accidentally set off an explosive device that was designed to destroy the Imperial Space Station, "Star of Coruscant" (although the Terrorist group known as The Hope of the Republic, of which Organa was a member, called it the "Death Star").   The device set off a massive explosion that caused chain reactions that shattered the planet of Aldaraan into asteroid sized bits.

The Sith Guard, the Mystical guardians of the Empire who are tasked with hunting down the outlawed organization of the Jedi recently added a new member to their group, Luke Skywalker, son of a personal friend of General Vader.

And so on . . .

What prompted this rambling post was a comment I saw on someone elses blog the other day (don't really remember whose) where someone was talking about it would be nice to do a darker version of Star Wars, and the comment was made that it should be named

"A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy"

That reminded me of my one shot and really makes me wish I had time to run and/or play multiple games

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