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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cape - My Impressions

My wife and I watched the 2 hour premiere of the new superhero show on NBC last night.  The Cape was quite entertaining to both of us and I just wanted to make a few comments here.   I'll try to avoid any obvious spoilers that haven't been shown on the commercials already, and I will put a section below that has the obvious spoilers.

Firstly, I'm pleased that we have a superhero show with someone wearing some type of costume.  I've been watching and mostly enjoying 'No Ordinary Family' but Jimbo really needs to cover that very distinctive puss and bald noggin, especially since most of the local cops know who he is :D

The show is broken up into obvious scenes and to me, gave a good comic-book feel.    The villains are interesting, I didn't see any obvious super powers from any of the villains, although they all had some freakish feel to them.  They also had something of a Dick Tracy feel, and this is not a bad thing from my point of view.

Overall, I'm very pleased with their opening volley and I look forward to seeing more episodes of this show.

Spoilers . . . Nah, I'm not gonna put any.  Go watch it, it's worth taking two hours to enjoy yourself

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