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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Employers are very cool. . .

For ages, I've been buying a new spiral bound notebook whenever I start a new project, and I've wound up with large numbers of these things around the house, usually with notes that could relate to whatever new project my GM ADHD has led me to, but they've not been organized, and half the time I forget to even write on the outside of them what is inside.

Now, bearing in mind that I work as a graphic designer for a printing company, I feel a bit stupid for just having come to the conclusion yesterday that what I need are some specialized binders, marked to where I can easily locate them (because I also have lots of 3 ring binders that aren't labeled either :P)

I put together three covers for 2 inch binders for the three most common genres that I work on (I named the Sci Fi one Stars Without Number rather than generically calling it SciFi, because I like both the name and the game) and asked our plant manager to have the bindery guys put me together a set of binders.

The artwork I used is hijacked from various PDF books that I own, or from innumerable places on the internets and none of it is my original artwork, I don't have permission to use it and I'm not challenging anyone's copyrights.  I chose the art to use these for my own personal use and because I liked the images.  Consider it a compliment and a tribute if your artwork is here.  (there, that's my feeble attempt at a legal CYA statement)

Below are the results.