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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mashing up some of the ideas

Combining the basics of my Shattered Moon setting with the Agents of Aegis idea, mostly moving the Shattered Moon idea to the 1950's

This one has promise.   I could take as the campaign developed and add bits of Stargate type stuff to it as well.

The world is Earth, not our Earth but one of the myriad Earths that exist in the Multiverse.
On this Earth, the current year is 1952 and the world is recovering from a great disaster. In 1945, Anton Drexler, the leader of Nazi Germany's Society of Thule and his followers, attempting to summon forth the power of ancient and alien gods, at the same time the Atom Bomb was being dropped on Hiroshima, the bomb created a wave of energy that interfered with Drexler's ritual and the entity that came forth from the depths of a dimensional portal siezed the moon in it's tentacles and it was shattered into several thousand ‘moonlets’, wreaking havoc upon the Earth, causing a millions of deaths from the resultant earthquakes, freakish weather and tsunamis that followed.  It's rage vented and the compulsion of the summoning ritual broken, the creature disappeared back into the depths of the portal, which closed behind it.
One of the things that came about from the Shattering is that magic has taken a stronger hold upon the Earth than it has held since the Dark Ages. Dark things from legend once again walk the lands and the dark spaces away from civilization, as well as some of the dark and forgotten places within the ‘civilized’ cities are filled with malevolent evil and there are rumors of portals that lead to fantastic worlds and vast,underground lairs, filled with the creatures of legend and the glittering treasures of ancient times.

You are an agent of the United States Government.  A member of a joint task force filled by members from the FBI, CIA, NIS, CID and Some State and Regional Law Enforcement agencies.  Rounding this off with specialists from the Military, Scientific and Fringe elements to cover various specialties, your group was passed onto the newly formed National Security Agency, and classified by some bean counter who thought he was funny as Department 13.  The name stuck, and your missions are classified with an X, leading to them being referred to internally as 'X Files'
Department 13 Agents work in teams, with a supervisor who typically remains at the office and remains in touch by encrypted wireless transmission.  However, teams tend to have a great deal of autonomy in dealing with cases, and are encouraged to follow up on 'unofficial' leads if they are not in the middle of an open case.

You've all been assigned to the newly formed Chattanooga, Tennessee field office, with Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Reginald Borland as your boss.  Borland and the other office personnel will be detailed in the Characters section.


  1. Good idea--a retro-apocalypse. I think this has some possibilities.

  2. so, the moon is now a debris cloud following the original satellite's orbit? How does this affect the tides?
    Interesting concepts. Leaves it open for anything x-files-ish to Cthulhu. I'm interested to see what develops.


  3. Well, of course I'm throwing real science to the wind here, but the basic idea is that the initial shattering caused massive tsunami's and earthquakes, but the majority of the mass is still in orbit, so after a few years the tides have stabilized a bit. Not to their original levels, but livable.

    The idea is to make the setting somewhat altered but not gamma world level post apocalyptic.

    And the creature that shattered the moon, picture the creature that was being summoned at the end of the hellboy movie, but much, much larger.