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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back to a game-related topic

If you have read my posts, you've probably figured that I am one of the individuals with Gamer ADHD; or as I call it, too damned many ideas bouncing around in my skull.

I'm still trying to decide upon a setting/system combination for my next campaign I run.

I keep coming back to star-faring science fiction, probably using the base setting as implied in Stars Without Number, but that's a post for a different day.

I like the SWN system for combat, however, I think (and I've posted on this before, I believe), that I would/will come up with a unified mechanic for 'skill checks'. . . .just because.  

One of the things I've been thinking about a lot lately is character classes using a target 20 style system.

Firstly, I want to rename the Attributes (some of these you'll recognize from the Target 9 stuff I've posted)

Brawn  /   Reflexes   /  Vigor  /  Willpower  /  Perception

Yep, five attributes.  I've been reading the debates going on around the blogs about whether intellect and interpersonal abilities should be modeled, and I began thinking, "why not give it a shot and see?"

I've gotten to the point that I really don't see a need for actual attribute scores, AND modifiers, so we'll just be doing scores on a -1 to +3 range for starting characters, with 0 being human average.

I like character classes with some special abilities, but I don't like the planning and crunch involved with feats, advantages, disadvantages, what have you, so I'm looking at a system with special abilities per class (and I'm looking first at SF, so I'm thinking Warrior / Expert (or Specialist) / Psionic (or Mystic) - like SWN, maybe changing class names, maybe not), and then allow the players to define a benefit and a complication (basically one advantage, one disadvantage) that they make up, with a short list of examples, that gives them a bonus or penalty of some type in situations that fall under it's purview.

The first class I've knocked together is the easy one, Warrior.   here's my take, for what it's worth (I'm also thinking that these basically will be usable regardless of genre, Psionic/Mystic can easily become Magic User for fantasy, but that too is for a later post)

The master of weapons and combat, the Warrior is skilled in both close and long ranged attack, although they tend to specialize in one or the other.  Knowledgeable in the use of weaponry, even unfamiliar weapons are not beyond their reach for long.   An experienced warrior is capable of wading through hordes of foes, spreading death and destruction in his wake with relative ease.

Prime Attribute:  Brawn or Perception
Stamina Dice: 1d6+1 per level from level 2 to level 10; +3 Stamina per subsequent level.

Class Abilities:

Combat Focus:  Each warrior must choose whether his focus will be in ranged (perception) or close (brawn) combat.   The warrior gains a +1 to the appropriate Attribute.

Deadly Focus:  When wielding weapons within their combat focus, a Warrior does an additional +2 damage on a successful attack.

Veteran's Luck:  Just like in SWN - go get the free pdf, or better, buy  it, it's a great book and very useful.

Haven't decided on experience progression tables, but that's a minor thing, the abilities are the main focus here at the moment.

Anywho, just thought I'd share this.

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