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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avengers Movie Review

Wow!  That's it, that's my review.  Done, move along.   No, really, I'm not going to say anything else.

Still here?

Fine, I'll elaborate just a little. . . 

My wife and I just got home from seeing the Avengers.  I asked her to choose from Dark Shadows, the Raven and The Avengers, all three of which we both want to see.   She chose the Avengers, because both of the others are unlikely to 'require' big screen presence to really enjoy them.

Unfortunately, we cut it a bit close and got to our seats just as the movie was about to start, so we didn't see any trailers for stuff that I'm sure I've searched out and watched repeatedly on the internet, but would have like to have seen.

For me, this movie is a spectacular success.   My criteria is that I be entertained for the time I am in the theatre.   In that respect, I give Avengers 8 stars out of 5.   There was never a dull moment, the action was incredible, the dialogue terrific.  There was great humor and the cast worked quite well together.

Will I see it again?

If I have an opportunity, for there are many movies coming up this summer that I wish to see on the big screen.

Will I buy the blu-ray (or DvD)? 


Would I recommend it?

If you enjoy a fun couple of hours watching action movies?   Yes!!

Oh, and on the way out of the theatre, I pointed out the display for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter to my wife.

Her response . . . . 

"That looks like it could be fun!"

Yeah, I'm a really lucky guy.

Postscript:   by the way, for what it's worth . . . I think Mark Ruffalo is the best Banner/Hulk so far.

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