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Thursday, May 24, 2012

If you saw the earlier link and wondered what happened. . . I couldn't get the editor to cooperate, so I deleted the post and re-posted

I just finished putting together the first draft of a layered DCC Sheet. When you open the document with Acrobat Reader, click on the layers button on the left and you can choose several options, from a 2 up zero level sheet (the default view), to an individual sheet for each class.

These are inspired by both the cool online generator over at Purple Sorcerer and the official sheets available on the website here at Goodman Games.

I say first draft, because if you download these and make use of them, please leave feedback as to what, within reason they may be needing and especially if they are missing something essential.

They can be downloaded from this link  and I'll also put them on the sheets section over to the right.

Let me know what I missed, my players will tell you, I always miss something

hope you find them useful

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