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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

My initial thoughts regarding Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

I received my copy of SW: EotE, a set of dice, and the GM screen yesterday and skimmed over them last night and created a character to see how it went.   I thought I would share my opinions

The Book:  geez, this thing would stop a blaster bolt!  It's huge, heavy and well made.  The interior is beautiful, albeit a little difficult to read due to the color choices, unless you are in a well lit area (at least for my weak old eyes :D)  

The GM Screen:  Well made, heavy duty, beautiful player-side art, but to me, the GM side SUCKS!  The thing has a patterned grayscale background with most of the text in a small font (8 point lightweight font, it appears).  The headers are big enough, but the background is very distracting.  

The dice: Nicely made, easy to read

Character creation:  Seems simple enough, like most games, there is too much (for me) of the tendency to explain the process multiple times.  I would love to see a game that covers character generation in  a step by step process rather than giving an overview, then another explanation, and then actually getting to the character generation, but you have to go back to the previous explanations for clarifications on stuff.   That being said, it still only took me about half an hour to create my first character, which for making one after an initial read through, is not bad at all, so overall, I like the character generation process.  I purposely made my character with random rolls and no real concept in mind and the obligations, careers/specializations and motivations enabled me to have a concept by the time I was finished.

Dice mechanic:  A little confusing at first glance, but I think it would be easily understood after a little use.

Overall opinion:  Other than the GM screen (and it came with a nice adventure, which I did like), I don't feel like I wasted my money, and I really don't feel like I wasted my money on the screen, because of the adventure and with some difficulty I will be able to use the screen itself, although if I were to run the system, I would probably reset the type and glue new sheets to the GM side of the screen that would be easier to read.

I would play this system in a heartbeat, no hesitations.   Whether I would run it or not is still up in the air.  If I want to run a star wars setting (or pretty much any setting) I would be more likely to set up a Ubiquity, BRP/Legend/RQ/Openquest, Classic Cortex, or BoL based system setup, but those are the systems  that I tend to prefer to run on a regular basis.    Regardless of the system anyone would use, this book is filled with information and ideas that you can mine for use with Star Wars or any other Space Opera game.

Would I buy it again, knowing what I know?   I don't know, but I probably would.  I waffled back and forth several times before I purchased the game, but as I said above, the money was not wasted.

If you are a Star Wars fan, it's worth purchasing.   If you like to add new stuff to your gaming selection, it's worth purchasing.  If the funky dice make you cringe, or anything I mentioned above does,  perhaps you should see if you can find a copy to flip through and see what you think.

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