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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 10 Craziest thing that has happened that you saw

Way back in the mid 80's I was running a house ruled (duh) 2nd edition game for my friends and one of the players had a magic user who had a wand of lightning bolts with (to him) an unknown number of charges remaining.

I was using the moathouse from the Village of Hommlet module, and the group had managed to get into the moathouse and then got themselves cornered and were facing about three times their number in bandits, with an ogre among them.  The mage player asked if he could force the wand to shoot a triple power lighting bolt if it expended twice as many charges as usual (I've always allowed my players to come up with creative options whenever possible), I told him sure, but there could be dangers in that.  His response was "We got plenty of dangers in front of us", so I told him to make a percentage roll (I fixed a numeric range in my head and saw in my notes that the wand only had 5 charges left).  He rolled an 01 and smiled.

I told the group, "As the mage (I forget the character name at the moment) concentrates and points his wand towards the approaching mass of bandits and their ogre muscle, you see sparks begin to encircle his hand and the wand and then a massive array of lightning streaks out as the wand explodes in his hand"

I had everyone roll saving throws, and when the smoke cleared, three of the party were unconscious but still alive, the mage looked like one of those cartoons characters where a cigar had exploded in his face, and the bandits and ogres were all burned to a crisp (as were their equipment, including a magic sword the leader was carrying).

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