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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bill Logan and Larry Moore at DwD Studios are releasing a new espionage game called White Lies, scheduled to release this week at the same time as the new Bond movie.  

I'm jumping on the Bondwagon as well, and will be releasing an adventure for White Lies, entitled Operation Snipe Hunt.  

I doubt I'll have it ready for the release of White Lies, but it should come available shortly behind it. (Within a week, barring interference by cat petting villains)

Announcement of official release and sample maps and content will follow once the adventure is ready for purchase.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Infamous Drunken Harpy is up for sale at DriveThruRPG.     This is statted up for Old School (Swords & Wizardy, Labyrinth Lord, Original D&D) and for 5th Edition D&D.   Includes Maps, descriptions and NPCs, including some special guests of the Harpy (seems like they are there Every Tuesday).     It can be purchased at DriveThruRPG

if you know someone who games, please send them the link as well.  The setting information is pretty much generic and it would be easy to use with any game system with a minimal amount of work.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Infamous Drunken Harpy

I'm a big fan of the Musical Blades, a pirate themed band with a very entertaining and diverse selection of music.  

One of their songs in particular, Drunken Harpy, has inspired me to convert it to add to my Adventurous Locations series.   I'm currently in the process of creating the maps, and will write the text afterwards.  I hope to have this available for purchase on DriveThruRPG in a couple of weeks, so watch for the announcement of it.

The Blades were gracious enough to grant me permission to use the Harpy as a setting and have been tremendously helpful with information and support, even posting an early preview of the cover (see below) on their fan page on facebook.  

The Infamous Drunken Harpy is an oversized Galleon that functions as a floating bordello and casino and is rumored to dabble in a bit of smuggling and piracy.

She's a really big boat, but I like big boats.  No Lies.

Final page count will determine if this one is available in both PDF and Print on Demand, or simply PDF (the most likely outcome).   As with my other products, The Infamous Drunken Harpy will include printer friendly maps, and also 300 dpi maps in both full color and simple line art suitable for either printing for tabletop use with a 1" = 5' scale.   The maps can also be used on your favorite VTT program.

The initial release will be specifically statted to be compatible with old school games (such as Swords & Wizardry White Box) and also for the 5th Edition of the game Gary and Dave built.   I may do some additional versions afterwards statted for compatibility to other properties, depending upon the response and sales.

There will also be a white box Sci-Fi version of the Harpy in a few months, statted to be compatible with the White Star RPG by James Spahn.

Here is the cover and a small sampling of the map of the forecastle of the Infamous Drunken Harpy. . .

I have to go in and make a few modifications, I forgot which  side of the ballista that I had stacked the bolts between maps :D

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Crypt of Verant Giantsbane

I've released a new adventure over on DriveThruRPG, The Crypt of Verant Giantsbane.

It is a fantasy adventure location, describing the tomb of a hero of a past war.  Fortune and Glory await the intrepid adventurers brave enough to venture into the depths of the Crypt.

Below is a sample of what can be found within the adventure.

Your purchase will get you the 43 page pdf adventure, with descriptive text and old school style maps.  In addition, you receive pdfs of the maps in both old school blue style and a more modern style.  VTT ready jpegs are also included in both mapping styles.

This adventure is designed for characters of 4th through 6th levels, with statistics compatible with both old school rules and with the latest iteration of the top tabletop game and is easily converted for use to other systems.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Distress Signal Tundara

I have released my first product for White Star- White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying. It is a short, adventurer/extended encounter entitled "Distress Signal Tundara"

If you are not familiar with White Star, it is also available from Drivethrurpg and is a fun game

Friday, May 8, 2015

White Star Character Sheet

I'm really enjoying James Spahn's White Star available from One Book Shelf.  As is my habit, I have created a character sheet for it.  It's clean and simple, but should function well enough.

You can find the plain print version here

and the form fill version here

I'll be dropping a permanent link on the sidebar to the right here on my blog, along with all the others.

Enjoy and if you haven't bought the game, go check it out if you want some old school space opera goodness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Star Wars Reup

I recently downloaded the fan-assembled Star Wars reup (revised, expanded and updated) for the old WEG d6 version.   I sent the files through Lulu.com and had it printed in hardcover.  Received it today, looks really nice

I don't know if I will run it or play it anytime soon, but I really wanted to have this combined version in hardcopy.